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Each Mercer department has space on a Mercer server to store data which can be accessed by all department members. Windows users may commonly refer to this as the "M drive". To connect to this server using a Mac, follow the steps below.

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  1. In the menu bar, click Go -> Connect to Server. If you don't see the Go menu, click the Finder icon in the dock, or any open space on the desktop.

  2. Enter the following in the Server Address field: smb://mcnfs01

  3. Click the + button to add the address to the list of favorite servers, and then click Connect.

  4. Enter your username and password, check the box to remember the password, and click Connect.

  5. Select your department from the list and click OK.

  6. An icon will appear on your desktop which will open the data shared by your department.

    Note: When your computer disconnects from the network, the icon will disappear. To reconnect, simply follow step 1 above, select the server from the favorites list, and click Connect.

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