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Mercer IT offers access to Microsoft Lync to all faculty and staff.

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About Microsoft Lync

What is Microsoft Lync?
Microsoft Lync is an application that offers instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, and voice communication. The Lync client allows you to connect and collaborate with any other Mercer faculty and staff who use Lync. It also integrates with our email system and Microsoft Office applications.

Do I need to request access to Lync?
Yes, you must contact the IT Help Desk to establish your access to Lync.

How do I get the Lync client installed on my computer?

  • Windows: There is nothing you have to do. Lync is automatically installed as part of our basic computer set-up process. You will find Microsoft Lync in your list of Microsoft Office programs.
  • Mac: You will need to install Lync. Instructions on how to install Lync can be found on this website.


Common Lync Questions

Can I communicate with the IT staff via Lync?
Unfortunately, we do not have the required staff to offer chat support at this time. While you will not be blocked from communicating with the IT staff via Lync, we ask that you continue to follow current processes for reporting requests, problems, and/or issues to the IT Help Desk.

Can Lync be used to communicate with students or individuals not affiliated with Mercer?
No, our current system is not designed for communication with students or individuals outside of Mercer faculty and staff.

Note: Mercer IT is working to implement Cisco WebEx for on-demand collaboration, online meetings, web conferencing, and videoconferencing with students and individuals outside of the Mercer community.

Can I use Lync on my mobile device(s)?
Yes, Lync is available for Android and Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone…)
Instructions on how to install Lync on these devices can be found at this website.

Does Lync have a Help feature?
Yes, it does. To access it:

  • Windows: Click the down arrow located next to the Options icon. Select Help and Lync Help.

  • Mac: Click the Help menu at the top of your screen.


Using Lync

How do I access Lync?

  • Windows: In the Start menu, click All Programs, select the Microsoft Office 2013 folder, and click Lync 2013.
  • Mac: Click the Finder icon in the dock, select Applications in the menu on the left, and double-click Microsoft Lync.

How do I set my status in Lync?
Lync will automatically set your status based on events placed on your Outlook calendar. You can also set your status manually by clicking on your current status, located beneath your name at the top of the Lync window.

Can I provide more information about my current status?
Yes, you can. Click the note display area, located near your name at the top of the Lync window, and type over the note that’s currently displayed.

How do I add an internal contact to my Contacts list?
In the search field on the Lync main window, type the name, email address, or phone number of the person you want to add. Right-click (Command+click on Mac) on the person in the search results, mouse over Add to Contact List in the menu that opens, and select a group to add the contact to.

How do I remove contacts from my Contact list?
Right-click (Command+click on Mac) on the contact and select Remove From Contacts List

Can I set an alert to notify me when a particular contact becomes available?

  • Windows: In the Lync main window, in your contacts list, right-click a contact, and then click Tag for Status Change Alerts.
  • Mac: This feature is not available on Macs.

How do I create groups?

  • Windows: Click the Add a Contact button, located beneath the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the Lync window, and select Create a New Group. A new group heading will appear in the contact list and will already be selected for editing. Type a name for the group and hit the Enter key.

  • Mac: Click the Contact menu at the top of your screen and select Create New Group.

How do I send an instant message to a contact?
Double-click on the contact to open a message window. Type your message in the text field at bottom of the window.

Can I see my previous IM conversations?
Lync automatically saves all incoming and outgoing conversations in an Outlook folder named Conversation History. When you close a chat window, the conversation will be saved in Outlook immediately. Chat windows left open will be saved after 3 minutes.

How do I change the font in my IMs?
Type your message, highlight the text you want to change, click the Font button in the IM composing area, and then make your selections in window that opens.


Training Guides

The following guides offer instructions on how to use the main features of Microsoft Lync.

If you need assistance with Microsoft Lync, contact the IT Help Desk.
(478) 301-2922 . (678) 547-6310