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Follow the steps below to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software on an Apple computer.

In this section:

Install VPN Software on Mac

  1. Download and run the following file: anyconnect-macosx-3.1.05178-web-deploy-k9
  2. Double-click vpn.pkg

  3. Click Continue when the installer launches.

  4. Click Continue to view the license agreement.

  5. Click Agree to accept the license agreement.

  6. Click Install to begin the installation.

  7. Enter the name and password used to log into your computer and click Install Software.

  8. Click Close to finish the installation.

You will only need to complete this software installation process once.  To access VPN in the future, see Using the VPN Software below.

Using the VPN Software

To connect to Mercer's network using the VPN software:

  1. Open the Finder and open the list of Applications. Run the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client located in the Cisco folder.

  2. Enter the address and then click Connect.

    Note: Your computer will not be able to connect to the VPN if it is already connected to the MU-Secure wireless network, or if it connected to a wired network jack in a Mercer building.

  3. Select the group that describes your relationship with Mercer, enter the same username and password used to access your email, MyMercer, or CampusNexus, and then click OK.

When your computer is connected to the Mercer network, the Cisco AnyConnect icon will appear in the menu bar at the top of the screen with a padlock on it to indicate a secure connection has been established.


If you have trouble connecting via VPN client or locating the desired network resources, contact the IT Help Desk.
(478) 301-2922 . (678) 547-6310