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Policies and Procedures Manual
Department of Information Technology
SUBJECT: Desktop Computing Serviceability and Redeployment Policy
EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2009

Computing resources play a vital role in the educational, administrative, and research missions of Mercer University. Desktop computing constitutes the bulk of these resources and the most significant financial investment. As a result, formal policies and procedures must be established to ensure that computing resources are of high quality, will interoperate with existing computing resources, and can be supported by Information Technology.

The purpose of this policy is to establish policies and procedures for use in the purchase, deployment, maintenance, and disposal of desktop computing resources.

This policy applies to all desktop computing resources including portable units (e.g., laptops, netbooks, smart phones, personal digital assistants, etc.) purchased by Mercer. All systems purchased with Mercer financial resources are considered to be Mercer owned and are covered by this policy regardless of where they are located.

Desktop Computing Lifecycle
Due to increased costs to service and support older computer equipment and to ensure that total deployed computing inventory best reflects mission needs, all new computer purchases must replace an existing system. Whenever a new computer is deployed, the unit which purchased the system must return the replaced system to the Information Technology department for handling. Two exceptions to this rule are: if the computer is for a new faculty or staff person in a new position or for a new classroom or lab facility. Other requests for exceptions will be reviewed by Information Technology.

If a department wishes to redeploy an old system to replace another system (give a new system to one person, redeploy previous system to another person, etc.), a service charge of $50 per hour with a two-hour minimum will be incurred. This charge will be applied to each system which is redeployed.

All hardware which is four years of age or older will be considered end of life. If a system over four-years old is replaced, it will not be redeployed. Service and support for systems over four years old will incur a charge of $50 per hour with a one-hour minimum plus the cost of any necessary parts. Systems must meet minimum requirements to support Mercer’s current standard IT tools and software. Accordingly, all desktop computing equipment will be depreciated at 25% per year for four years.

All hardware reaching end-of-life status must be handled or disposed of in accordance with the Computer Equipment Reallocation and Disposal policy which is located on the Information Technology website,

Surplus Equipment
Functional desktop computing equipment that is not adequate for use at Mercer may be made available to school-affiliated individuals for a fee to cover the personnel time required to erase data and prepare the system for use. Excess surplus computing equipment may be donated to non-profit educational institutions or other non-profit organizations.  Prior to being released to an outside entity, all data and University-licensed or -owned software on surplus computing equipment must be erased in accordance with security policies established by Information Technology.  If available, the original operating system and driver/utility disks provided by the manufacturer will be provided with the equipment. Absolutely no service or support will be provided by the University for surplus equipment provided to outside entities.

If the equipment is not serviceable or cannot be donated, it will be recycled in accordance with the established University computer equipment reallocation and disposal policy as well as all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

The following desktop computing equipment will be considered exempt from the lifecycle and configuration portions of this policy:

  • Computers purchased under specific grant guidelines or restrictions.

Note: When, due to grant or other binding requirement, a system is purchased outside of the guidelines provided in the Hardware Configurations section, the following statements will apply:

  • Service and support from the Information Technology Department for the computing resource is not guaranteed.
  • Capability to properly perform the task associated with the computing resource is not guaranteed.
  • Interoperability with existing University computing resources is not guaranteed.
  • Systems purchased will be used to facilitate the purposes of the grant and may not be used to establish computer labs or teaching facilities for other purposes.

Hardware Configurations
Visit the Mercer Information Technology website,, for a list of approved computing equipment.
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