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What was upgraded?

All classrooms, including the labs, at both Douglas County and Henry County Regional Academic Centers have been upgraded to the latest digital technology, which will allow for remote access to all projectors. The upgrade was completed in November 2014. New computers have been installed at each teacher/instructor station, and classrooms without podiums received new podiums. The following classrooms received new screens with new traditional projectors: Henry 125, 127, 145 and Douglas 106, 114. New Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors were installed in the remaining 24 classrooms.

What are Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors?

These wall-mounted projectors reflect images directly on whiteboards without the need for screens. The projector and whiteboard are used together for basic projection and as an interactive learning tool. With touch- and pen-based interactivity, this technology allows for writing, drawing, and collaboration on the whiteboard using familiar, intuitive gestures. The easy-to-use Moderator software (pre-loaded on the classroom computer) allows lessons to be saved and shared. The whiteboard can continue to be used normally with traditional, dry-erase markers; however, note that writing performed with markers cannot be captured via the interactive software.

Click here for an overview of the Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector.

Will someone show me how to use the new Epson BrightLink interactive projectors?

Basic instructions for the use of the Epson BrightLink technology will be posted on each podium, and we encourage you to give yourself enough time prior to your first class to acclimate yourself. Team members from IT Client Support Services and the Regional Academic Centers will be onsite to assist.

You may view a demo here. We held several in person demo sessions of the technology and do not have any scheduled at this time. If you are interested an in-person demo, contact the IT Help Desk.

Will I still be able to use Smart Notebook software?

Yes, you will be able to use the Smart Notebook software with the new interactive projectors. Instead of a SmartBoard surface you will use a whiteboard surface, and you must use the pen instead of your finger when using this software.

Will I be able to play DVDs?

Yes, with the use of the computer. Place your CD/DVD in to the computer and launch the VLC Media Player icon on the desktop.

Will I be able to play videos in VHS format?

The VHS players will not function with the newer technology in the classrooms. We recommend that you purchase the DVD format of the video, contact the Library to determine if they can obtain a DVD format for checkout, or determine if the video is available via YouTube.

If the work is personal in nature and not copyrighted, CVS or Walgreens offer VHS to DVD copy services that you may use. If the work is copyrighted, and you cannot find an alternative to your VHS material, we recommend writing to the company to determine if they will provide you a DVD version directly.

Through Spring semester 2014, TVs with VHS players will be made available on a first come, first served basis. To reserve these, contact the appropriate Regional Academic Center Coordinator.

What if I need to use a laptop with the projector?

If specialized software on a laptop is needed that is not provided by Mercer, you may connect your laptop via the specially labeled High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable located on top of the podium. If your laptop does not have an HDMI port, we recommend you purchase a USB to HDMI converter. Converters will be available for checkout from the Regional Academic Coordinator on a first come, first served basis for both PCs and Macs.



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