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The emails below are known phishing emails. If you have received any of these messages, simply delete and disregard them. If you have followed the instructions in one of the emails, change your password as soon as possible using the password self-service website.

Phishing Emails

Subject: Appointment Letter From HR Team
Date Received: 6/15/2017
Sender: sze dcrg [] On Behalf Of Marjorie L. Crowe

Hi Dear,
Thank you for Submitting Application.
You have been selected for our next project.
Before start please read our guidelines and
Read Agreement document carefully.

Project Guidelines

Agreement Letter

You have to agree to our terms & conditions.
If you have any question feel free to ask.
Thank you.
Marjorie L. Crowe

If you are interested about this project Check here

Subject: Storage limit exceeded
Date Received: 6/13/2017
Sender: Mercer University [mailto:102****]

Dear User,

Kindly be informed that you have exceeded your mailbox quota.

Verify your details to restore your mail account.

Click here

Your account will be restored upon successful verification.

Mercer University.

Subject: Storage limit exceeded
Date Received: 6/6/2017
Sender: ITHelpDesk []

Dear User,

You have exceeded your current monthly storage limit. You will no longer receive any messages until your mailbox is verified. CLICK HERE for verification.

Thank you.
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