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Viruses, spam (junk email), and phishing scams are frequently encountered when surfing the Internet, using email, and downloading music and/or programs. Mercer IT attempts to protect you from spam, viruses, and other scams through spam quarantine software and up-to-date lists of common viruses and scams:

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Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are attempts via email to trick you into releasing your bank, credit card, or other private information to an unidentified individual.

Visit this website to learn more about phishing scams.

Spam Protection

Spam is junk email that may contain offensive or deceptive content. Spam can also contain harmful attachments or viruses. All Mercer email accounts are protected with a spam-blocking product called IronPort, by Cisco Systems, Inc. IronPort scans your incoming emails for possible spam and quarantines (captures) suspicious emails.

Marking an Email as Safe

IronPort periodically sends out a spam quarantine notification report (to your email account) of all recently quarantined emails so that you can ensure all suspected spam is actually junk email. If any of the quarantined emails are not junk, click the Not Spam link next to the message to return it to your normal email inbox. IronPort only releases reports when spam has been quarantined; if you have not received any suspected spam to your email account, IronPort will not send you a spam quarantine notification report.

Managing Safe/Block Lists

Ironport also gives you the ability to manage your own safe/block lists. From your quarantine notification email, click the Your Email Quarantine link. In the Options menu, located in the top right-hand corner, select safelist or blocklist. Add the email address and click the Add to List button.

If Ironport quarantines an email you wish to add to your safelist, simply select the checkbox next to the email and choose the Release and Add to Safelist option from the Select Action drop-down menu.

Virus Protection

Viruses are small programs that corrupt normal computer operations or files. If downloaded, the viruses could cause severe damage to your computer and/or the Mercer network and may result in significant data loss.

If you suspect that your computer is infected with a virus, make sure that you have updated antivirus software installed on your machine. Then, run a complete scan of your system and follow the provided instructions for quarantining or deleting the harmful files.
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