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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the recent major upgrade, which has changed the look and feel of the product, we are in the process of updating the training materials. We appreciate your patience.

CampusNexus for Staff

Mercer's unified academic and administrative platform, CampusNexus, allow administration and academic staff to complete the following tasks.


The Registrars' offices can:

  • Track programs, catalogs, sessions, and registration
  • Monitor student progress and attendance
  • Batch-process transcripts
  • Manage transfer credit articulation process
  • Assist students with registration
  • View degree progress audit information and schedules
  • Track coursework for students based on major
  • Update the Office of Financial Planning on satisfactory academic progress, enabling more accountable Title IV compliance practices
  • Track facility use
  • Specify rules for prerequisites and/or co-requisites
  • Enable variable add/drop dates and course repeats based on campus
  • Automate certain communications withdrawals, changes of major, for example

Student Accounts

The Bursar's office can:

      • Manage charges and payments
      • Generate interest charges
      • Post financial aid disbursements
      • Make bank deposits
      • Process 1098-Ts
      • Revenue recognition
      • Release payments to the general ledger
      • Generate refund and stipend checks

Financial Aid

The Financial Planning office can:

  • Work on-screen with FAFSA forms
  • Track FA G/L fund source authorization levels to ensure accurate distribution
  • Ensure that the student has met the defined requirements for fund disbursement
  • Ensure Title IV compliance by tracking of 90-10 requirements, automated R2T4 calculation, and calculations for multiple state and institutional refund policies
  • Create all the necessary reports to track subsidized and unsubsidized FFEL loans, Direct Loans, and Pell grants.
  • Award, originate, and track the new TEACH Grant, ACG, and SMART


The Admissions' offices have the following benefits:

  • Robust contact management capability
  • Robust inquiry management capability
  • Robust reporting capability including detail, summary and on-demand reports
  • True constituency tracking of students from inquiry to alumni
  • Robust workflow capability
  • More stringent system governance for data errors (system will require fields to be entered and will not accept invalid years, terms, etc)
  • Automated progress of inquiries to applicants to enrollees via status, tasks, campaigns and workflow
  • Robust ability to track activities and tasks associated with inquiries or incomplete applicants
  • Applicant tracking is completely automated and integrated with other departments (i.e., Financial Planning).
  • Easy recording of constituent communication
  • Highly functional document tracking