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Policies and Procedures Manual
Department of Information Technology
SUBJECT: Audio Visual Equipment – Outside Events
EFFECTIVE: July 26, 2016

The purpose of this policy is to ensure our audio visual equipment is efficiently and effectively managed to best serve our students, faculty, staff, and outside organizations.

  1. The group must provide Campus Reservations a single point of contact (POC) for each event to facilitate the coordination of audio visual equipment within the facility. The POC for the group must submit requirements to Campus Reservations no later than ten business days before the event is scheduled* and should include:
    1. A list of all audio visual equipment needed that is not in the facility.
    2. A custom design or layout of equipment within the room (I.e. Where you want the speakers and screen placed and where you want the stage/presentation area to be).
    3. A request for audio or video recording of the event.

    The form can be found at:

  2. Audiovisual usage fees will apply to all non-classroom events. Classroom events are registrar scheduled, classroom sessions, for credit courses. All other events, meetings, presentations, etc. fall under the non-classroom event definition..

    • There will be a fee of $68 per hour for an A/V technician to set-up/tear-down and, if needed, work your event.
    • This fee can be broken down into quarter hour segments:
      • 15 minutes = $17
      • 30 minutes = $34
      • 45 minutes = $51
      • 60 minutes = $68
    • If you need someone for the whole event you will be billed accordingly. For example most 1 hour events with a technician would be billed for 90 minutes (15 minutes of setup, 60 minutes for the event, 15 minutes of tear down). There are some events that take longer to set-up and tear-down which will be billed accordingly.
    • University AV will provide/support equipment which is available in inventory, or installed within a scheduled venue. Requested equipment which is not in inventory, or already installed in a venue, will require additional fees to rent from an external source. Repair or replacement charges will be required if the equipment is damaged during an event.
    • All charges must be handled through either cash, check, or provision of a University operational account number (those beginning with a ‘2’ or ‘3’). We are unable to handle charges through a University grant account (those beginning with a ‘4’ or ‘5’).

NOTE: New audiovisual requests made within two business day of the event cannot be guaranteed service.

NOTE: Changes to existing audiovisual requests made within two business days cannot guarantee new equipment will be available or able to be procured.
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