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Students can check out select equipment to assist with campus events, seminars, and course assignments. Please work with Mercer’s local scheduling resources (Registrar or Campus Reservations) to ensure that the spaces you reserve have the equipment you need. If you are unable to find a space with the required equipment, IT can loan equipment to students for classes or other official Mercer events. If you are from an outside organization (not a Mercer-affiliated employee, student, or organization), review the university's Policy on Audio Visual Equipment – Outside Events.


Short-Term Equipment Needs (with Delivery and Setup)

Students can also reserve equipment for short-term use.  Requested equipment will be set up and delivered.

Reserving equipment in Macon:  When you contact the Campus Reservations to reserve your classroom or location of your event, you will need to also reserve your audio visual equipment at that time.

Reserving equipment in Atlanta:  Send an email to to reserve equipment for your classroom or event.


Short-Term Equipment Needs (Self-Checkout)

Students can also check out equipment for short-term use from their respective campus library. Contact your campus library (Tarver Library or Swilley Library) for details on equipment and availability.



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