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As you may know, it is not uncommon for students and faculty to use multiple devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) to access Mercer's Wi-Fi network and other IT services. Our previous wireless network architecture and coverage no longer adequately supported the growing level of use, necessitating changes to the system. After an extensive design and procurement process, our network team began installing new equipment as a part of a university-wide Wi-Fi enhancement project. Over 1,500 new wireless access points and multiple new switches have been installed to date. Over 300+ remaining access points will be installed over the next several months.

This project aims to provide increased Wi-Fi accessibility and performance that is safe and secure for everyone. The project is proceeding in several phases as outlined below.

  • In phase one, new equipment was installed and activated on the Regional Academic campuses, remote Medical School locations, and Atlanta campus.

  • In phase two, new equipment was installed and activated in the Macon campus residential facilities and the Loft apartments.

  • In phase three, which is currently underway, new equipment is being installed and activated in the Macon campus academic and administrative buildings. The expected completion is Summer 2023.

As always, we encourage you to report any issues to the IT Help Desk. We appreciate your patience and look forward to offering this new modern and more robust Wi-Fi network infrastructure.
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