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Attackers are increasingly targeting insecure legacy email protocols like IMAP and POP to avoid running into multi-factor authentication. The lack of multi-factor authentication means that attacks can avoid account lock-out and compromise accounts unnoticed. For this reason and in an effort to improve email security, Mercer IT highly recommends accessing your Mercer email via the Internet or a mobile device. However, a small population of users may choose to continue using at legacy protocol. We have chosen not to provide POP instructions but the IMAP instructions are listed below.

Your email client must support Exchange Web Services -OR- IMAP4 with OAuth2 authentication. To configure IMAP access, you’ll need to manually configure the server settings in your email client as follows:

IMAP Email Settings
Server Type IMAP
Incoming Mail Server
MercerLive Account Username Mercer
Password Mercer Email password
Incoming Server Port 993
Enable Encryption Type SSL (If not available, choose TLS)
Authentication Method OAuth2
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Outgoing Server Port 587
Enable Encryption Type TLS (If not available, choose SSL)
Authentication Method OAuth2

*When prompted, enter your Mercer login credentials and complete the Multi-Factor Authentication prompt in the login window that appears.

**If you don’t get a login window, or if you receive an error message when attempting to test your connection settings, make sure the authentication type is set to OAuth2 for both incoming and outgoing servers. If it reverted to Username and Password, the connection will fail.

For additional help with your Mercer email account, use the Microsoft online FAQ resource.
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