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These lists are built using employment and enrollment information stored in Mercer’s systems. Individuals may not subscribe to or unsubscribe from these lists. Access to the following listservs is restricted to those people who have received prior approval to send messages to them. Requests for access to these lists must be approved by the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, your Dean's Office, or the vice president to whom your division reports.

University-Wide Listservs
All Campuses Description All faculty, staff, and administrators on all campuses All faculty on all campuses EXCEPT adjunct faculty All adjuncts on all campuses All staff on all campuses All students on all campuses including Law students
Atlanta Campus Description All Atlanta faculty, staff, and administrators All Atlanta faculty EXCEPT adjunct faculty All Atlanta adjuncts All Atlanta staff and administrators All Atlanta campus and Atlanta center students All Atlanta campus students All Atlanta cmapus graduate students All Atlanta campus undergraduate students All Atlanta center students All Atlanta center graduate students All Atlanta center undergraduate students
Columbus Campus Description All Columbus faculty and staff All Columbus faculty EXCEPT adjunct faculty All Columbus adjuncts All Columbus staff All Columbus students All Columbus graduate students All Columbus undergraduate students
Distance Learning Description All distance learning students All distance learning graduate students All distance learning undergraduate students
Douglas Campus Description All Douglas faculty and staff All Douglas faculty EXCEPT adjunct faculty All Douglas adjuncts All Douglas staff All Douglas students All Douglas graduate students All Douglas undergraduate students
Henry Campus Description All Henry faculty and staff All Henry faculty EXCEPT adjunct faculty All Henry adjuncts All Henry staff All Henry students All Henry graduate students All Henry undergraduate students
Macon Campus Description All Macon faculty, staff, and administrators All Macon faculty EXCEPT adjunct faculty All Macon adjuncts All Macon staff and administrators All Macon students All 1st Year students All 2nd Year students All Macon center students All Macon center graduate students All Macon center undergraduate students All Macon main campus students All Macon main campus graduate students All Macon main campus undergraduate students
Mercer Medicine All Mercer Medicine employees
Medical School Campuses Description All medical school graduate students All medical school undergraduate students All Navicent Health graduate students All Navicent Health undergraduate students All Piedmont Hospital graduate students All Piedmont Hospital undergraduate students
Savannah Campus Description All Savannah faculty and staff All Savannah faculty EXCEPT adjunct faculty All Savannah staff All Savannah students All Savannah graduate students All Savannah undergraduate students
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