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Students who choose to retrieve their MercerLive email messages via an Android device must follow the steps below.
  1. From the home screen, open the list of applications.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Accounts, My Accounts, or Accounts & Sync, depending on the phone.
    NOTE: If these options are not available in the Settings screen, look for them in the main application list.
  4. Select the option to add an account.
  5. Depending on the phone, select Corporate Sync, ActiveSync or Exchange.
  6. Enter your email address and password. The phone will try to auto-detect the server settings. If the phone reports an error, select the manual setup option.
  7. Enter the following information:

    Email: Your email address   (e.g.
    Username: Your Mercer University ID number, followed by (e.g.,
    Password: Your MercerLive password
    Description: Mercer Email

  8. Enable the options to use SSL and to accept all certificates, if available. Some phones also offer the setting to use client-side certificates, which needs to be disabled.
  9. The phone may prompt to allow the server to administer the phone, or change security settings. Click OK to any security warnings or prompts.

NOTE: There is not a standard set of steps to get to the email account setup screen due to customization of the Android software made by the cell phone providers, but the directions above should work on the vast majority of Android phones.

The following websites provide additional tutorials on how to configure each cell provider's phones:





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