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Canvas is an online course system that supports supplementary learning tools in an online environment. Students can download course materials (e.g., course syllabus, supplemental readings), view course announcements, review course calendars, track grades, or participate in online discussion boards using Canvas.

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Accessing Canvas

To access Canvas:

  1. Visit Canvas:
  2. Click the Mercer User Login button on the left.
  3. Enter your Mercer University ID (MUID) number in the Username field (e.g., 10234567).
  4. Enter the same password used to access MyMercer and MercerLive.
  5. Click OK. Click the Dashboard icon on the left to view your courses.

NOTE: We recommend using Firefox or Chrome to access Canvas. Internet Explorer may give an error that your username and password are not correct even though you are providing the correct credentials.

Help and Support

If you have problems accessing or using the Canvas system, contact the IT Help Desk.


(478) 301-7000