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Due to the ever-increasing role the Internet plays in people's lives, October has been designated National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by the Federal government. Practicing good cybersecurity helps mitigate the risks associated with the world being more connected than ever.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the protection of computers, networks, data, and personal information. Mercer does its part to ensure that our computers, network, and services are as secure as possible, but many attacks focus on tricking people into giving up personal information, or other forms of social engineering. This is why cybersecurity depends on not just security software and hardware, but safe practices from our users as well.


The Federal government has initiated the STOP.THINK.CONNECT. campaign in order to raise awareness of cybersecurity. The campaign's website provides tips on how to protect your devices and personal information and offers some interesting research on how Americans view cybersecurity.

Think You're Safe?

People often provide personal information online without thinking of how their information can fall into the wrong hands. You can assess your risk using the Online Identity Risk Calculator provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance.

For an amusing and potentially scary look at what kind of information can be gleaned from your Facebook account, visit The site will have you log into your Facebook account and will generate a short movie based on the information it can find about you.
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