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Welcome to Mercer! As a new employee, you are likely learning a great deal about your new department, your new responsibilities, and Mercer as an organization. You also may be wondering about the resources and services you’ll receive here.

The Information Technology (IT) department has established this portion of our website to guide you through the technology essentials of being a new employee at Mercer. We want you to know basic information about your computer, telephone, and email account—just enough to get you started in your first few days on the job. We also want you to know a little bit about our department so that you know who to contact if you ever have technology issues in the future.

This section of our website is by no means comprehensive; it is merely meant to be a starting point. The rest of our site offers a great deal of detailed information about IT, and we encourage you to return to learn more about the resources we make available to you.

Again, welcome to Mercer. We’re glad you’re here.

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