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Mercer University utilizes the network-based Cisco Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system, which provides telephone services over a network connection. Visit the links below to review the features of VoIP.

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Benefits of VoIP

There are many advantages of using VOIP. You will find the features to which you are already accustomed, as well as a wide range of new features like full-duplex speaker phones, graphical display, one-touch access to important features, and direct access to University directories.  For more information about feature and benefits to Cisco VoIP Phones, please visit Cisco product information page.

Video Capabilities
The VoIP system does allow for desktop video conferencing.  With the addition of a simple webcam you will be able to communicate using voice and video to other Mercer individuals with webcams.  It will be as simple as dialing their number; if enabled, the video will automatically display on both ends.  Telephone calls across campus or campus to campus will easily be face-to-face communication.  Additional capabilities enable you to engage in multi-caller voice, video, and web conferencing. 

Emergency Alerting
The new VoIP infrastructure provides many alerting and notification features.  Your handset will have a graphical screen capable of running web applications (University calendars, menus, etc.).  This functionality allows appropriate University elements to deliver emergency alerts directly to all telephones using sound and/or video.

Common Questions

How do I access voice mail from off campus?
Dial your appropriate prefix (478-301 or 678-547) followed by 5320, then select the asterisk (*). When prompted for your ID, enter your extension followed by #. Then, enter your password followed by #.

How do I activate fast dial service?
You must contact the IT Help Desk so that a Telecom Technician can make the appropriate programming change on the system. You must be migrated to Exchange and Active Directory for this to work.

How do I activate call forwarding service?
You must contact the IT Help Desk so that a Telecom Technician can make the appropriate programming change on the system.

How do I transfer a caller directly to voice mail?
Press the [Transfer] button, then select the asterisk (*). Enter the extension you wish to transfer to and press the [Transfer] button again.

I'm receiving a voicemail mailbox quota warning. How do I delete all of my old voice mail?
Press the [Messages] button and enter your PIN. Select the following options:

  1. Old Messages (3)
  2. Deleted (2)
  3. Erase (2)
  4. Delete (1)
  5. All Messages (2)

Conference Calls

University business often requires conference calling, the connection of multiple parties on a single phone call. There are several options for conference calling:

  1. Establish conferencing bridge service. A fee applies for this service. The bridge service must be used for calls engaging 5 or more callers. Contact Donna Hemphill for reservations.
  2. Create ad-hoc conferences on the VoIP desk phone. These are calls where you use the “Conference” and “Join” buttons directly on your telephone. All phones default to a maximum of four active calls. The bridge service (described above) must be used for for calls engaging 5 or more callers.

(478) 301-2922 . (678) 547-6310