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Information Technology maintains many email lists (a.k.a. “listservs”) for use by Mercer faculty, staff, and students. The purpose of listservs is to facilitate the dissemination of information to specific, targeted members the Mercer community.

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Sending Emails to a Listserv

You can send email messages to a listserv by addressing them to (replacing “listname” with the listserv name, such as TestList-L). Character case (upper/lower) does not matter in the listserv mailing process. It is used here for readability purposes only. Note that some listservs restrict contributors to certain individuals or certain email addresses (such as Review contribution restrictions in each of the listserv descriptions below.

Class Listservs

Faculty and students use class listservs to communicate information about a particular class, group, or project. Class listservs are automatically generated based on course enrollment in the Student Information System. The instructing faculty member's Mercer email address and the students' Mercer email addresses will be used to create these lists. The lists will be updated daily using the current course enrollment; as students are added to or removed from class rosters, the lists will be updated accordingly.

The listservs are automatically named by the following pattern: Course ID, Section, Year (two digits), Semester, Location, Session followed by For example, Spring 2011 Macon campus lists for ANT 390.2TM, ACC 641.A21, and BIE700.S02 are ANT3902TM11SPMCN00, ACC641A2111SPMCN00, and BIE700S0211SPMCN00, respectively.

Look up your Class Lists

Use the form below to have your class list(s) emailed to your Mercer email account.

Enter your Mercer Email Address: (e.g.
Enter your Course ID and Section: (e.g. BIO101)

After submitting the form, you will receive an email with a list of all of the class lists that begin with the course and section number you entered. To email your class, find your course in the list and add (e.g. Only those people subscribed to the list will be allowed to send messages to it. No subscriptions from non-Mercer e-mail accounts will be allowed.

To create additional class listservs, contact the Mercer IT Help Desk.
(478) 301-2922 . (678) 547-6310