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Mercer provides full support for Dell and Apple computers purchased through the IT department for four years. All hardware which is four years of age or older will be considered end of life. End of life hardware may still be serviced, but charges may apply. Please see the Desktop Computing Serviceability and Redeployment Policy for information regarding service charges.

If your computer is over 4 years old, please visit our purchasing website for replacement options.

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Check Computer Age by "Property of Mercer" Sticker

Every Mercer-supported computer has a "Property of Mercer" sticker containing an identification number beginning with "RT". In 2010, this number began including the year and the month the machine was deployed. The sticker is usually placed in the following locations:

  • Dell Desktops:  On top of the computer, near the front.
  • Dell Laptops:  On the back of the display.
  • Apple Desktops:  On the back of the computer.
  • Apple Laptops:  On the bottom of the laptop.
  • MS Surface Tablets:  Under the kick-stand.

If the RT number is 7 digits long, the first 2 numbers represent the year the device was deployed, and the next 2 numbers represent the month.

For example, if a computer has a sticker with RT1201326, it was deployed in January 2012.

If the RT number is not 7 digits long, the computer's age must be verified by the serial number or service tag. See below for instructions.

Check Dell Computer Age Using the Service Tag

To determine the age of a Dell computer, enter the 7 character service tag in the box below and click the Submit button. On the page that opens, click Warranty beneath the product's image.

The end of life date is 4 years after the ship date indicated below.

Dell Warranty Page


Check Apple Computer Age

To determine the age of an Apple computer, enter the serial number in the box below and click the submit button.

Apple does not list the exact manufacture date. The general timeframe the unit was built will be listed next to the model information. The computer will be considered end of life 4 years after this timeframe.

Apple Ship Date

Locating Dell Service Tags

The service tag for a Dell laptop can be found on the underside of the unit:

Laptop Service Tag


The service tag for a Dell desktop computer is located on top of the unit, near the front edge:

Dell Desktop Service Tag

Locating an Apple Serial Number

  1. Click the Apple button and select System Preferences.
  2. Click About This Mac
  3. Older Macs will display the serial number on the window that opens. If it is not listed, click the More Info button.

About This Mac
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