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Reliable faxing infrastructure is an integral part of University communications. Mercer IT is able to provide limited support for fax machines connected to our campus telephone system. To ensure the best user experience we provide suggestions for reliable and compatible fax machines. We also offer an electronic alternative.

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FAX and the Mercer Telephone System

To ensure reliable service from your fax machine on the Mercer telephone system, the fax machine must allow adjustments to be made to the following features:

  • Transmission speed. You must be able to set the BAUD rate of the fax machine to 9600 bps or lower.
  • ECM (error correction mode). This setting is typically set to ON by default for many fax machines. You must be able to disable or turn the ECM off for both send and receive modes.
  • Resolution. You must be able to set the resolution to standard.
If the fax machine does not allow the user to program the above changes, this machine may not function properly on our telephone system. You may experience intermittent problems both sending and receiving a fax. For more information, contact the IT Help Desk.

eFAX Alternative

eFax service allows for sending and receiving of faxes directly from your computer without the requirement of a fax machine. If your department or facility prefers eFAX service setup, contact the IT Help Desk. You will be required to provide an account number. Pricing is as follows:

eFAX Pricing Chart
Item Costs Unit
eFAX Sending/Receiving $145.00 each
eFAX Sending Only $47.00 each
eFAX Service $8.00 month

Troubleshooting a FAX Connection

If you have problems with your FAX or eFAX connection, contact the IT Help Desk.
(478) 301-2922 . (678) 547-6310