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Policies and Procedures Manual
Department of Information Technology
SUBJECT: Computer Equipment Reallocation and Disposal
EFFECTIVE: April 28, 2005

All Mercer-owned computer equipment to be reallocated or disposed of must be returned to the Information Technology Help Desk to ensure that proper handling procedures are followed.

No Mercer-owned computer equipment is to be disposed of without prior approval from the appropriate University authority as designated by the Associate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

Once equipment has been deemed to have no useful value to the University and disposal has been approved, the following procedure must be followed:

  • All Mercer inventory tags must be removed from the equipment.
  • Inventory tags must be attached to a sheet of paper along with a description of the type of equipment and the reason for disposal.
  • The inventory record for the equipment must then be removed from the inventory database.
  • A copy of the disposal list is to be filed with the Department of Information Technology, and the original list is to be sent to the Fixed Assets and Systems Accountant in the Accounting Office.
  • Before any obsolete equipment is released or disposed of, all University-licensed software must be removed from the system, and all data must be rendered unreadable.

The University utilizes a bonded, insured, DOD/EPA certified vendor to ensure that all data is irrevocably destroyed and that the equipment is disposed of in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.
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