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Policies and Procedures Manual
Department of Information Technology
SUBJECT: Computer Lab Support
EFFECTIVE: December 1, 2008

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure our computer labs are efficiently and effectively managed to best serve our students and faculty.

  1. The department/school must designate a single point of contact (POC) for each lab to facilitate the coordination of maintenance and imaging of the lab computers with the Help Desk. This POC will be responsible for coordinating lab software installation and update requirements with faculty and staff and advising the Help Desk of any changes or updates needed.
  2. The POC for the lab must submit requirements to the Help Desk ( by the following dates in order to ensure that the software will be installed prior to the beginning of classes:

    1. April 15 for Summer semester
    2. June 15 for Fall semester
    3. November 15 for Spring semester

    These requirements should include:

    • A list of all software that will be needed in the lab.
    • Software installation media and licenses specific/unique to the lab.
    • Specific configuration requirements for browsers and other software.

  3. Any other changes to the computers in the labs will be accomplished as time permits, and the Help Desk cannot guarantee that these requirements will be completed by a specific date. Any changes to the requirements mandated by the department/school that cannot be accomplished during normal operating hours will require IT department personnel to work overtime and the department/school will bear the costs associated with this overtime.
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