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Policies and Procedures Manual
Department of Information Technology
SUBJECT: Netbook Purchase & Support Policy
EFFECTIVE: May 3, 2010

    The purpose of this policy is to define the responsibilities for purchasing and supporting netbooks. We recognize that netbooks may be beneficial for certain uses given their portable size and weight. We also recognize that there are several limitations that exist with netbooks, to include the following: inability to connect to the Mercer domain to connect to shared printers and folders, inability to run LANDesk antivirus software, limited operating system functions with Windows 7 starter edition, low processing power, and very limited support from some netbook vendors. Netbooks have integrated graphics capability which limits the ability to perform intensive graphics and related tasks. At this time, most netbooks are configured with only 1 GB RAM, and the user must purchase the 2 GB RAM replacement stick and perform the replacement, if he or she so chooses. Netbooks are designed primarily for basic internet surfing and document viewing, and the use of email is recommended from within a web browser instead of using a memory-intensive client such as Outlook. To quote Dell’s website ( com), “They are designed to be simple and can be used to perform easy tasks like e-mail, Internet browsing, light entertainment and light productivity.”

    Given the limitations that exist with the netbooks, Mercer University’s IT department will not be able to provide support for them. Departments that decide netbooks are necessary for their work will be permitted to purchase them only with prior approval Mickey Belote, CTO. Prior to approval, this document must be signed by the netbook owner and the department chair. Upon approval, you will be permitted to use Mercer funds to purchase a netbook from a vendor of your choice. These purchases will not be handled by the IT department. By signing this document, you are stating that you understand that Mercer’s IT department will not be responsible for providing support (free or at cost) for any netbooks purchased by your department. The IT department will not provide any software, including MS Office or anti-virus software. OpenOffice ( is an alternative you may want to consider. Netbooks are not permitted to connect to our wired or wireless network. Please complete, sign, and fax this document to 478-301-2977.

    Netbook Owner: ________________________

    Mercer ID#: ____________________________

    Phone Number: _________________________

    School/Department: ______________________


    I have read the contents of this document and agree to this policy.


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