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Information Technology has compiled and developed several tutorials to help you learn the fundamentals of different software programs. We have also partnered with to provide a wide variety of online training videos providing our faculty and staff an opportunity to improve their software skills.



25Live (Campus Reservations)

25Live is the reservation system used by the University. Reservation requests can be made via the reservations website. To check the availability of campus locations, you can search the 25Live website. If you need a 25Live account in order to manage reservations, contact the IT Help Desk.

Learn anytime, anywhere with Pro offers a wide variety of online training videos allowing Mercer faculty and staff the opportunity to improve their software skills. For more information on how you can access the diverse catalog of subjects offered by Pro, contact the IT Help Desk.


Content Management System (CMS)

Learn how to create and update web pages using the Content Management System.

Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector


Microsoft Lync

Learn how to install and use Microsoft Lync.


Learn how to use a wide variety of software for digital production including podcasting, digital storytelling, web design and other new media projects.

Audio Production

Video Production

Web Design


Network Drives (Shared Departmental Data)

Each Mercer department has space on a Mercer server to store data which can be accessed by all department members. Windows users may commonly refer to this as the "M drive".

Quick Reference Guides

Download quick reference guides for software such as MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and more. Clicking the following links will prompt you to log in before you can access the guides. Log in using the same username and password used to access MyMercer.

Virtual Desktop

Learn how to access a virtual desktop remotely using VMWare View.


Learn how to install and use WebEx.
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